My Story

I'm a User Experience Researcher and Designer that is driven to understand how people interact with objects and spaces. I often use a dilectical approach to problem solving that has allowed me to apply design thinking at a systems level across different industries.


Masters of Science in Human Factors in Information Design (Candidate)
Bentley University, Elkin B. McCallum Graduate School of Business

Bachelor of Arts in Urban Studies,
Social and Cultural Factors in Environmental Design- Minor

University of California, Berkeley, College of Environmental Design. 2014

  • Signal Detection and Contrast, Academia.edu, 2016
  • Preattentive Processing, Academia.edu, 2016
  • Long-Term Memory: Touchcreen Interactions, Academia.edu, 2016
  • Ethography for Designers, Galen Cranz, Routledge, 2016
  • Response to the Urban Crisis, Mad Frisco, 2015
  • "7 Things I Learned from Studying Coworking", Shareable.net 2014
  • M-PESA: Effects of Mobile Banking on Poverty in Africa, Medium.com, 2014
  • "Doing It Right: Proactive Community Engagement in Redlands, California", Community Policing Dispatch/ US Department of Justice, 2014
Awards and Recognitions
  • "San Francisco Skatability Analysis"
    Berkeley Circus 2012, Featured Presenter
  • "Port Workspaces: an Ethnographic Study of Coworking in Oakland"
    Berkeley Circus 2013, Featured Presenter
  • "Urban Design, City Building, Place-Making in San Franciscoā€¯
    Berkeley Circus 2014, Featured Presenter